Our concept


In practice, the effects of the many different sources of interference are extremely dynamic and complex. For example, the level of impact of geopathic influences like water veins and other sources of radiation can differ depending on the lunar phase, the intensity of the sun and the constellation of other planets.

The impact of technical disturbances in the form of electrosmog depends greatly on the time of day. The level of use of DECT telephones, tablets and mobile phones changes at different times, leading to major fluctuations with some very highly concentrated stress levels.

This creates the challenge of having to consider this dynamic situation during remedial measures, i.e. when creating ethereally intact spaces.

In this regard, a well-coordinated product range is an essential part of our successful concept. The ever-increasing requirements in recent years have been considered during product development and ultimately led to a balanced rehabilitation concept.

The multipolar transmitter lays the foundations for successful rehabilitation. It could be described as the beating heart; the core element for creating an ethereally intact space.

The ‘satellite transmitters’ supplement the multipolar transmitter with their demand-dependent operation. These products focus on neutralising the effects of technical components. They only work if the devices to which they are attached generate an electric or electromagnetic field. If the devices are inactive, the satellite transmitters have no effect. Both positive and negative peaks are avoided.

This flexible satellite transmitter operation and the pulsating ‘background noise’ of the multipolar transmitter enable us to reliably create a constant, harmonised ethereal vibration field; a space that promotes your wellbeing.